Brief CV and research interests

I am ICREA research professor (the Catalan Institute for research and Advanced Studies) currently working at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where I'm the head of the Complex Systems Lab located at the PRBB. I teach undergraduate courses on Biomathematics, principles of biological design and cell-tissue engineering. I completed degrees in both Physics and Biology at the University of Barcelona and received my PhD in Physics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I am also External Professor of the Santa Fe Institute (New Mexico, USA), external faculty of the Center for Evolution and Cancer at UCSF and on the editorial board of Biology Direct and PLoS ONE. I have received a European Research Council Advanced Grant (ERC 2012) and support from the Fundación Botin.

One of my main research interests is understanding the possible presence of universal patterns of organization in complex systems, from prebiotic replicators, cancer, multicellularity, viruses, evodevo, protocells or language to evolved artificial objects and historical dynamics. I would like to understand how robust structures develop, how information is incorporated into these structures and how computation emerges. We use both theoretical and experimental approximations based on synthetic biology.

I love Barcelona (best city in the world). I have the pleasure of sharing my research with a team of great, uncommon, talented (and a bit crazy) people.


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