• Ricard V. Solé
    Evolution of complex systems
    ICREA professor, Group leader
    Personal web page
  • Nuria Conde
    Synthetic and systems biology
    Genetic engineer, systems biologist and biohacker

  • Raul Montañez
    Systems and synthetic Biologist
  • Marti Sanchez-Fibla
    AI and Evolutionary robotics

  • Adriano Bonforti
    In silico models of multicellularity

  • Aina Olle
    Evolved natural and synthetic multicellularity

  • Jordi Piñero
    Statistical physics of major synthetic transitions

  • Blai Vidiella
    Ecosystem Terraformation and Synthetic Biology

  • Guim Aguadé
    Statistical Physics of Cancer

  • Marco Gasparrini
    Evolving robot cooperation and major cognitive transitions

  • Arianna Bruguera
    Synthetic Biology Wetlab Assistant


  • Salva Duran Nebreda
    Synthetic and systems biologist, Birminghan UK

  • Marti Rosas Casals
    Modelling and analysis of network infrastructures, UPC

  • Melanie Moses
    Complex Systems and swarm robotics, Professor, UNM
    Personal web page

  • Luis Seoane
    Physicist, Complex systems, evolution and statistical physics, MIT
    Personal web page

  • Daniel Rodriguez-Amor
    Physicist, Systems and synthetic biology, MIT
  • Josep Sardanyés
    Nonliner Dynamics and Evolution (NoDE) Lab
    Centre de Recerca Matemàtica

  • Bernat Corominas Murtra
    Statistical physics of complexity, Vienna.

  • Jurgen F. Sebastian
    Bio-Engineer/Night crew. CSL